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    Auction Co Chairs

    Oversee Auction team, work with administration, and communicate to school.


    Back Office Coordinators

    Enter items into the online system, keep items organized, and distribute items to winners (2-3 people).


    Solicitations coordinators

    Oversee team to get solicitations. Make letter and solicitation form.  Send to past participants. Visit local retailers and restaurants to solicit and pick up items. Pursue new donors. (2-3 people)



    Get raffle tickets and items. Have raffle tickets printed and distribute to team. Coordinate all raffle ticket sales.


    Annual Giving Banner Management

    Create Banners to line the drive way to honor the banner givers


    Annual Giving Campaign HelpEither Soliciting Funds or Follow up and Tracking:

    Help with reminders and coordinate follow-up phone calls and emails. 

    1) Share information about the importance of PRIDE and the Annual Giving Campaign with your class (we'll supply all the information you need), 2) answer parent questions, 3) volunteer to staff an Annual Giving table at a Revere event, collect donation envelopes at drop-off, and/or participate in phone-a-thon.


    Library Coordinator

    Organize the Library, help collect new books.


    Parent Education:

    Set up speakers to provide educational presentation to parents on relevant topics. Reserve the Library and get speakers a gift.



    Solicit corporate sponsors for Business Banner program. Seek sponsors for unique school events. Build packages for outside support.

    Tour Guides:

    Leads the tours for prospective Revere parents throughout the school year.



    Organizes catering and decorations for Founders Day, Staff Holiday luncheon and Parent Welcome Breakfast. Decorates, orders food and gets volunteers.


    Lost and Found:

    Keep lost and found closet organized. Hang up all of the hoodies and jackets by color and put the PE clothes in the bins. The lunch bags are emptied out then displayed on a shelf so kids can see them. The water bottles are in two boxes. Donate everything to charity a few times a year.

    Correspondence Writer:
    Send out cards when a staff member has a death in the family or has a baby, and possibly buy a few baby gifts as well.  The cards are all signed by “Your friends at PRIDE/PTSA”.   Lori Vogel or PRIDE officers usually send an e-mail communicating when a card or gift is needed.   1 or 2 cards/gifts each month.


    6thGrade-Level Room Parents:

    - Organize classroom rosters  

    - Arrange Parent get-together

    - Fulfill teacher requests and needs

    - Collect money for teacher gifts and Auction Class Basket

    - Serve as a PRIDE / Annual Giving representative:


    PE Clothes:

    Manage inventory of PE Clothes, working closely with Lori Vogel in the main office.  Organize volunteers to sell PE Clothes at Ready Set Revere (May) and Registration (August). 


    PRIDE Co-Treasurers
    Responds to check requests. Manages PRIDE’s financials in QuickBooks (online), issues financial reports and maintains financial files. Handles budgeting and balancing bank accounts. Communicates with accounting firm re: taxes. Responds to insurance and legal issues. Summarizes financial status at board meetings.


    VP – PRIDE Communications

    Coordinates communications with parents, working closely with Revere’s Parent/Community Liaison, PRIDE and PTSA board members, administration and teachers.  Oversees committee members in charge of Eblasts (writing & editing), Bulletin Board, Correspondence, Website and Social Media.