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End of Year Collection (textbooks | iPads | locker clean-out | award distribution)

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Weekly Flyer


    Student Expectations
    While we are not physically on campus we do expect that students will conduct themselves in a responsible and thoughtful manner while participating in their remote learning. We will continue to refer to the district policies regarding the use of technology (Responsible Use Policy Attachment A - linked HERE) and expect that our students will maintain appropriate digital citizenship.

    • We expect students to treat their classmates, teachers and other staff respectfully during online learning activities.

    • We expect that students will refrain from using profanity, discriminatory language slang or anything else that is disruptive to learning.

    Consequences for behavior or actions that disrupt the remote learning environment or do not adhere to positive digital citizenship may include removal from online meeting sessions, phone calls from teachers or staff to the family or other disciplinary actions based on the severity of the incident.