Paul Revere Literary Anthology

  • Students are encouraged to submit literary entries to be published in Paul Revere's Literary Anthology 2021.

    Entries may include essays, short stories, poems, and other writings.  Entry deadline is per individual teachers or by  March 26, 2021.

Lit Ant.
  • Literary Anthology Submission Guidelines
    Literary Anthology submissions are due per instructions by individual teachers or by March 26, 2021. The heading of the piece of work submitted should include:

    • The student's full first name and last name (according to school records, not nicknames)
    • The student's current grade
    • Title of the piece
    • The student's english teacher's name

    Please be sure to proofread for spelling and grammar.  The work should be submitted to the teacher as a Word document.  Google docs can be saved as Word documents.  All submissions will be electronic to the student's english teacher or to the parent volunteer at  The documents need to be named as follows:

    • Format: last name, first name - genre.doc
      Example: Doe, Jane - Poem.doc
      Note:  Please do not submit concrete or shaped poems as they are too hard to format

    Literary Anthology Art Contest
    Artists who are interested in entering this contest should create an 8.5"x11" piece of artwork that represents our anthology and should include the text "Revere Literary Anthology 2021".  Artwork should be submitted to  All submissions are electonic named with students last name, first name - artwork.jpg Submissions are due March 26, 2021.
    Young Authors Evening
    Paul Revere's annual Young Authors Evening date will be a live streamed zoom event with the date to be determined.  This event celebrates the writers at PRMS that have had a literary piece published in the annual Literary Anthology. The event is by invitation.
    If you have any questions, please contact

Online Young Authors Literary Anthology Presentations