Paul Revere Literary Anthology

  • Students are encouraged to submit literary entries to be published in Paul Revere's Literary Anthology 2021. Entries may include essays, short stories, poems, and other writings.  Entry deadline is per individual teachers or by March 26, 2021. 

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Online Young Authors Literary Anthology Presentations

  • Students are invited to submit a video or voice only reading of their selected Literary Anthology pieces.  Video and voice only recordings can be uploaded through May 7th.  A video compilation with all student entries will be presented to the Revere community in May.


    1.  Submission must be under 2 minutes.
    2.  When you start recording wait 5 seconds before you speak and after you finish speaking and continue recording for 5 more seconds (this silence is in addition to your 2 minute time limit). 
    3.  Record the video with the device in the horizontal position.
    4.  Save and Submit:

    • Title the clip with your name and grade “first name, last name, grade level”, ex. Sam Seydor, 8
    • Submit in “.mov” form.  If you record on an iphone, the clip will automatically be in this form.  If you are not sure what form your video is in, airdrop or email to a computer and check the last part of the title of the clip.  If it shows at the end “.mov” you are good.  If it does not show “.mov”, save the file on the computer and go to and sign up for free. Select the file, choose convert to “.mov” and click convert – the conversion will take a few minutes – the button will turn green and show “completed”.  On a mac, open “finder” and select the download tab.  On a PC click on the download in the lower left.   Title the video clip “first name, last name, grade level”     ex. Sam Seydor, 8

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