Special Education Overviewspeced

Revere Middle School Special Education Programs


Our Special education program provides a continuum of Special Education services for students who are eligible, as designated in their IEP (Individual Education Plan).



General Education Curriculum - Diploma Track (Mild/ Moderate Disabilities)

Students on the general education curriculum are expected to meet grade level standards and are educated in general education or special day classrooms.


·       Resource (RSP)

·       High Functioning Autism (HFA)

·       Special Day Programs (SDP)  - Specific Learning Disabilities and Autism

·       Additional information  - Regarding students on the General Education Curriculum



Alternate Curriculum - Non-Diploma Track (Moderate/ Severe Disabilities)

Students on the alternate curriculum are not expected to meet grade level standards. To meet their unique needs, their academic curriculum focuses on functional academic, daily living and social skills


·       Autism

·       Multiple Disabilities Orthopedic (MDO)


Revere Special Education Department

310.917.4800 x4847
Office hours:  7:50am - 3:05pm school days

Assistant Principal over Special Education:  Shuntell Anthony - 310-917-4801, santho4@lausd.net

Special Education Coordinator:  Clausine Honda – clausine.honda@lausd.net

Special Education Clerk:  Toya Arnold (Office Tech.) tarno1@lausd.net