• General Education Curriculum


    Additional information regarding students on the General Education Curriculum:

    In addition, Revere Middle School is very largeboth in size and the number of students that we serve.  When considering our school and the programs that we offer, please be very honest in terms of your child’s strengths and needs, both academically AND social-emotionally.  It is our experience that taking a step back during this transition will lead to greater overall gains. And in some cases, we simply might not be the best fit.


    With that said, please keep a few important points in mind:

    ·       Setting:  There are 35-40 students in the general education classrooms … Even in 6th grade!!  If your student has had difficulty in the past with transitions, it might be best to start the 6th grade in a more restrictive environment to ensure a smooth transition and that academic time is not lost.

    ·       Supports: The Resource Program in Middle School is very different from Elementary school.  If your child does not participate in the Learning Center, they will only be receiving in-class support from the Resource Specialist two days a week.  If your child requires support throughout the day, the Special Day Program might be more appropriate.

    ·     Program differences: Do not compare Elementary Special Day Programs with Middle School Special Day Programs.  At the Middle School level, and especially at Revere, Special Education programs become more specifically geared towards a student’s Eligibility, academic level and Social-Emotional needs.  Our Special Day programs have high expectations, are highly academic and are aligned to the California State Standards. 

    ·       Parent and Student Expectations:  Expect that there will be academic challenges the first 10-20 weeks. It takes that long to get used to the changes in routines and to learn the policies and procedures of the school and their classes.  Be prepared that your straight “A” student might suddenly earn B’s and C’s on their first 10 week report card.