Jupiter Grades Tips for Parents / Guardians

    • Access Jupiter Grades from the paulreverems.com website, it will go directly to our school Jupiter Grades account instead of another schools site.  Click on the logo in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

    • Save the Jupiter Grades to your mobile desktop similar to an APP for convenience

    • Update your contact information and emergency contacts for your child. - By adding an email, you can get email notifications from your student’s teachers.

    •  Once you log in to jupitergrades.com click on settings and check the box for alerts. Then choose which day you want emails to be automatically sent. Check the boxes for missing assignments, total is ___ (choose grade) and below, or always. Depending on which box you checked, you will receive automatic emails about your child’s grade and/or missing assignments.
  • If you have misplaced your log in information you can log in as follows (for returning students only):
    2.  Type Student Name
         Password:  Type your password, or click "Forgot Password".
         Parent:        ****  is your temporary password.
         School:        Paul Revere Charter Middle School
         City:             Los Angeles
         State:           California
    3. It will ask you to choose your own password (student has a different password)
    4. Then it will ask you to enter your email.
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