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    We are excited to offer, for the very first time, an opportunity for Revere Families with outside businesses to partake in our Annual Fundraising for Businesses Campaign through the Paul Revere Annual Giving Business Banner Program. This is a chance to “Sponsor Revere” and display your business name and logo to our community.

    The following is the outline of our 2015-2016 school year program.

    We welcome the Paul Revere Community of Parents with local businesses. In short, this is supported by and created for Paul Revere families and their children. The Paul Revere Annual Giving Parent Chairs will review all applications for the program.

    LAUSD has guidelines for all of their school properties and, therefore, we are restricted to sponsorship, not advertising, from our business community. This means that we can support your business for supporting us in a few choice ways:

    1. Your business banner can reflect your business Logotype and a business Icon and product photo (i.e. picture of a house if you are a realtor), if applicable. The banner message has to be a sponsorship message of Paul Revere as in: XYZ Realty Supports Paul Revere Middle School, and include the P.R.I.D.E. logo in the layout.
    - Your banner cannot include any call to action to buy or use your product or services.
    - Your banner cannot include any contact information, but will include our Paul Revere website where your business will also be featured.
    -We have a banner template we provide with details below that make it easy to fulfill the LAUSD guidelines. Be big and bold and memorable within these guidelines.
    2. In exchange for your sponsorship donation your business will also have placement on a special sponsorship page on our PRIDE Booster Club/PTSA website: www.paulreverems.com for as long as your sponsorship. We have as many as 2100 students and an average of 1750 families that have access to our website along with teachers and others who are interested in our school. This is a great location for your business recognition of our school.
    3. In exchange for your sponsorship donation you will also have placement in our weekly all-school e-Newsletter that goes out on Fridays. Your business will be featured at least one time per month in a banner space format during your sponsorship option.

    Banners will be displayed in our West Driveway, on our PRIDE Booster Club/PTSA website homepage and dedicated business sponsorship page on the official PRIDE Booster Club/PTSA Website, and featured as a graphic on the weekly school e-Newsletter.

    The banners can change out quarterly with an option to stay up for the entire school year.
    The program begins November 2015—for quarter 1 and School Year 2015 – June 2016 annual.
    Signage Donation Fees: $1,500 quarterly and $5,000 annually
    Quarter One 2015 – 16: Nov 1 – February 28
    Quarter Two 2016: March 1 - June 15
    The Paul Revere Business Banner Sponsorship Agreement will be signed once the option is selected.

    The sponsor is responsible for the design and production of the banner using the guidlines below for uniformity:
    -All banners measure 4’ high x 8’ long.
    -All banners must include the Paul Revere P.R.I.D.E. logo as supplied in a jpeg file below.
    -All artwork can include your business Logo and a corresponding drawing or photographic image of your service or product, and a brief sponsorship message that we can provide.
    -Your banner may not include any direct advertising messages or contact information including a phone number or website, but will include the Paul Revere website to contact you.
    -All artwork submissions should be submitted as concept only first to make sure it is in compliance with the guidelines.
    -The final artwork submission must be approved by the P.R.I.D.E. fundraising group and the Principal of Paul Revere within a turnaround time of no more than 5 days.
    -All printed banners should be delivered to the Paul Revere front office, attention Lori Vogel, and will be administered and placed by the Paul Revere staff.

    Thank you for your participation in the PRCMS Annual Giving Business Banner Program.

    amended 2/18/16

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