PRIDE Booster Club is Revere's non-profit parent led organization whose mission is to raise the required funds to implement, enrich and maintain programs and services designed to support and enhance the learning environment for all students on campus.

    Active parents formed the Paul Revere Booster Club (Paul Revere Interest Development Enrichment) in 1982 to help fund projects and programs that school staff, parents and students identified as vital to the learning environment at Paul Revere Middle Charter School and Mathematics, Science and Technology Magnet Center.

    The PRIDE Executive Board is comprised of active parent volunteers. Every dollar raised is used to fund ongoing programs in the arts, music, physical education, science, ecology and technology, or to institute new ones such as our unique Outdoor Learning Environment, PEP After-School Enrichment and Teacher Resource Center.
    PRIDE encourages parents to get involved on campus. There are many ways you can contribute and enrich the educational experience of all students.

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    Thank you for your interest and support of Paul Revere!
    1996 - Outdoor Classroom Master Plan
    1997 - Outdoor Classroom Renovation (cleaning, native plantings, pathway 1)
    1998 - Fundraising for Outdoor Classroom (cleaning, grading, rebuild greenhouse, install raised wood planter beds)
    1999 - Committee formed (plans completed, solicitations of local firms, garage sale, benefit concert)
    1999 - Outdoor Classroom Renovation (pathway 2, habitat pond, orchard, compost bins, raised beds completed)
    2000 - Outdoor Classroom Renovation (greenhouse, soil prep, plant shade trees, fruit vines and hedges, install fence, native garden and butterfly garden, electrical, plumbing, irrigation, landscape around greenhouse)
    2003 - Town Hall Renovation
    2004 - Obstacle Course Installation
    2005 - Library Renovation
    2006 - Main Office Renovation
    2006-2009 - Quad Renovation (design, fundraising,remove and/or relocate trees and roses, remove cactus, install concrete walkways, amphitheater, concrete benches, dg, and landscape)
    2008 - Outdoor Classroom - Repair Irrigation
    2008-2009 - Outdoor Classroom - Design and build Concrete walkways, planters and new irrigation for planters)
    2009 - Farm Renovation (clean/repair cages)
    2009-2010 - Outdoor Classroom - Design and build Amphitheater
    2009 - Technology Room Renovation
    2010-2017 - Technology, main office renovation
    2018 - Water Filtration Fountains (purchased and installed two, one in the covered cafeteria and one on the PE field)
    2018 - Words to Live By beautification painting project (Grant from PPWC)
    2019 - Legion Library Garden Renovation (Grant from the American Legion)
    2019 - Water Filtration Fountains (purchased and installed one in the Main Office)
    2020 - Obstacle Course equipment
    2020 - New computers for computer lab and library
    2020 - Farm Renovation
    2020 - Auditorium Sound and Light System