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  • I have a question about Fridays. What does support mean since these classes are mandatory and appear to be regular classes?

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 9/14/2020 9:15:00 AM

    It depends on the teacher, some are using these mandatory classes for more instruction. Others are following the districts idea of an opportunity to reteach or tutor students in need. But all students must attend.

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  • FAQ's August 2020 Parent Meeting

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 8/27/2020 7:30:00 AM

    FAQ's from the August Parent Meeting are HERE

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  • Q & A from "6th Grade Meet the Revere Admin. Team" Meeting

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 8/14/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Are next weeks orientations for all LAUSD schools or specific to Revere?
    Koretz, Justin : All of LAUSD

    Will more info. be provided for these orientations?
    Tom Iannucci : Yes that will go out this weekend and Monday

    Are the 8/18 and 8/19 orientation videos live sessions or pre-recorded?
    Tom Iannucci : Those videos are prerecorded

    I missed the first 7 minutes, will this be available to view later online? Thanks
    Koretz, Justin : this meeting is not being recorded. previous meetings are recorded and on Revere's site at https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/413

    What do we do if the iPad are still not working?
    Tom Iannucci : Contact your counselor if you are having iPad issues:  https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/30

    I accidentally signed my son into charter and I was wondering if you can switch him to magnet?
    Koretz, Justin : Enrollment in the Magnet is through a completely different process:  https://echoices.lausd.net

    We did the choices application. 
    Tom Iannucci : Contact the Magnet office:  https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/32
    Koretz, Justin : Then they should be on the wait list if you completed the application through eChoices
    ELANA Mabashov : Magnet coordinator ebm6437@lausd.net

    Will the classroom teaching time with the teacher be recorded so that the kids could go back and watch it again?
    Tom Iannucci : That is a question for your teacher

    Who's in charge of room parents?
    HRPPaulRevere@gmail.com - Jamee Natella and Paula Lewis

    Is there online sports?
    Koretz, Justin : Students will have PE just like every other class
    Koretz, Justin : Revere's After School Program - PEP offers some in person and virtual sports options, as well as amazing classes. you an go to www.reverepep.org to register.

    Upon attending pickup for books and ipad, i wasn't issued a charger along with the device.
    Contact Mr. Shibata at bss8493@lausd.net 

    Will Revere teachers be providing more synchronous learning than 2.5 hours a day?
    Koretz, Justin : Revere teachers will be following the schedule posted.
    Elana Mabashov : Teachers will be following LAUSD and UTLA protocols. They will go over classroom expectations the first week of school.

    Synchronous minutes means live Zoom time, correct?
    Elana Mabashov : yes

    What is considered asynchronous learning?
    Tom Iannucci : Good question, I believe that can be instruction with or without students, we will see.

    Trying to go through the digital checklist - all good EXCEPT Naviance. says my daughters’ lausd email is not authorized. Anyone else having this trouble? Is it not set up just yet? 

    How are electives decided in the Magnet Program?
    Elana Mabashov : electives are decided the same was as in Charter. In 6th grade it’s the elective wheel or Music. For 7th and 8th students can request and/or apply for an elective of interest.

    Where on your website can I find a copy of the school schedule?
    Lori Vogel : You can find the 1st week of school schedule here: https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/413

    How can I view this presentation again?
    Lori Vogel : You can view the presentation here: https://www.paulreverems.com/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&ModuleInstanceID=5465&ViewID=94B66785-F3F0-41A8-8414-1E55691D3E9E&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=5622&PageID=2643
    Koretz, Justin : We are waiting for UTLA and LAUSD to both approve and officially announce the daily schedule. Once this is done, we will send it out and post to our website.

    My son’s elective for Magnet shows career planning?
    Elana Mabashov : career planning is the wheel electives if in 6th grade


    What are all subjects in the wheel electives?
    Koretz, Justin : Electives on the wheel change each year... some examples - Shakespeare, Banking, Poetry, Magic Math, Horticulture, Keyboarding...
    Elana Mabashov : they vary from year to year. A few are, Shakespeare, music appreciation, poetry, math magic, agriculture

    How do I get the weekly newsletter email?
    Lori Vogel : Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter: https://signup.e2ma.net/signup/1868778/33137/

    What should I so if my child is having trouble activating his iPad? It says that the “activation server can not be reached”.
    Koretz, Justin : Contact Mr. Shibata - bss8493@lausd.net

    Does the wheel mean that they automatically alternate from one subject to the next or do you get to choose specific subjects?
    Elana Mabashov : automatic rotations every 10 weeks

    Who else can I contact for support?
    Jamee Natella : Room Parents can also help u with your iPad technoloy:  https://www.paulreverems.com/Page/2649
    Koretz, Justin : 6th Grade Counselor - Derick Flowers - derick.flowers@lausd.net
    Evans, Tyson : Mr. Evans - AP Student Services - tbe2490@lausd.net

    How do we know who our teachers are?
    Evans, Tyson : You will be able to find out your teachers in Schoology

    I have a question can both parents have the Schoology?
    THOMAS Iannucci : Yes both parents may have schoology

    Who can I contact about Special Education?
    Anthony Shuntell : santho4@lausd.net
    Clausine.honda@lausd.net sped coord

    So the proxy message on the iPad will it be fixed its been going on since last monday?
    THOMAS Iannucci : You can reach out to Mr. Shibata he may have an answer for you.
    Koretz, Justin : Please email bss8493@lausd.net if you are having trouble setting up ipad or there are error messages.

    Will the block schedule continue when kids go back to in-person classes?
    THOMAS Iannucci : We do not have that information at this point
    Koretz, Justin : We will have to follow the district's guidelines in regards to schedules if / when we return to campus

    Do you provide hotspots?
    How do you add a second parent to schology?
    Koretz, Justin : Please reach out to Mr. Shibata at bss8493@lausd.net for hot spots & Schoology

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  • Connectivity Issues

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 8/12/2020 6:45:00 PM

    The district will make sure every family can connect.  If you need a hot spot, complete survey the survey at device.lausd.net

    If you need connectivity devices - reach out to Mr. Shibata - bss8493@lausd.net .  Counseling office:  https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/30

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  • Parent Questions and Answers

    Posted by Tom Iannucci on 8/10/2020

    Is the textbook and iPad event this and next the same as the previously scheduled registration day?

    No it is a new schedule, please check the Revere Website

    Will the virtual day match the normal school day? 50 minute individual classes? Or will it be a schoology dump of daily assignments and periodic zoom meetings?

    The schedule agreed upon by the District and UTLA provides for a combination of live and independent work. The hope is that teachers will provide live instruction on a daily basis. But, this agreement has yet to be ratified by both parties

    When will my children know their schedules?

    Tentative schedules are available on Schoology as of today, there may be some changes over this week. Schedules will be finalized as of Monday, August 17

    On what days and at what times are my children going to be in virtual class?

    Based on the tentative schedule provided by the District live classes should meet daily 

    When will schedules be released with times and teachers?

    Schedules can be found on Schoology

    How is daily activity will look like? Is it gonna be virtual class room same schedules as campus? From 7:55-2pm or 3 pm?

    Based on the tentative agreement between UTLA and the District school will begin at 9am and end at 2:15 daily with a combination of both live and individual instruction. 

    My Brother has logged into his Schoology account and received his textbooks yet when he goes to check his classes it states hes not currently enrolled in any.

    Check again, they went live yesterday. If this has not changed reach out to your counselor 

    Will my child receive instructor-led lessons with supporting homework?

    How many hours of zoom will it be weekly? How will he know who his new 8th grade teachers will be?

    I see Advisory/Independent work time every day before and after lunch. How many days a week will an individual 6th grader participate in Advisory? (2) On the days that my student doesn't have Advisory, can I assume that he will have an Independent study/lunch/break from 11:30-1? (3) If a student doesn't need extra support/intervention, will Mondays essentially be an independent work day?

    All students will meet with their advisory daily, students will be split into one of two advisories, there break will be depend on which advisory they are enrolled in.

    Monday will be an opportunity for all students to work with their teachers but on a rotating basis, every other week.

    Hi, I saw that one parent requested group work. I totally understand this for the social reasons, but please please ask the teachers not to use group work on graded assignments. It was so hard to collaborate last year, and, the work almost always ends up falling to one child. There is really no way for a teacher to monitor online group projects effectively or fairly.

    This is up to the individual teacher, you can make that request to your child’s teacher directly.

    How would all of this work?

    RE: Fender+LA Unified Fall Music Program (9/16-12/12): I just checked, and enrollment is at full capacity. But if the student already has an instrument, can he join in on the zoom instruction?

    I have an 8th grader who is linked to my Schoology sign in/account. How do I add my incoming 6th grader? I've been signing in separately using his LAUSD email and password to lms.lausd.net. Thank you!

    All Schoology questions should be directed to the counseling office:  https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/30 

    Last year i got a hotspot for my kid how can i get one for her this year.

    Yes, contact your counselor:  https://www.paulreverems.com/domain/30 

    Where do I view my child’s classes and will lockers be assigned ?

    Lockers will not be assigned at this point, should we return to campus lockers will be assigned then.

    Is service worker a possible class option this semester or is that impossible with online learning?

    Service workers were all put in Career Awareness class, which will have weekly assignments meant to challenge students to think about their future.

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  • Parent Questions & Answers

    Posted by Tom Iannucci on 8/7/2020

    I wish to thank all our families who sent in questions this week. I have done my nest to answer them please see my responses below. Have a great day.

    When will my children know their schedules?

    Finalized schedules will be available on or about August 17th

    Will the children have full days that mimic school days?

    No as of today student’s schedules will be from 9am – 2:15pm 

    Will the virtual day match the normal school day? 50 minute individual classes? Or will it be a schoology dump of daily assignments and periodic zoom meetings?

    No as of today student’s schedules will be from 9am – 2:15pm, there will be a combination of live(zoom) instruction and posted assignments.

    I'm really concerned about the amount of Zoom time involved in online school and the potential for my incoming 6th grader to get burned out, not be able to concentrate, and see his grades suffer as a result. He does well in a classroom but looking at screens for a long periods, or several hours a day, can give him headaches and make him feel dizzy. What can we do to help him if this starts to happen? Thank you

    Students live screen time based on district suggestions will be about 35 mins per class. There will be work assigned which may required students to work using their iPad or device. To support your child I would suggest frequent breaks with outdoor activities such as a short walk.

    Where do I find my child's PIN to register him in the parent portal.

    PIN’s are being handed out to students when they pick up their books.

    On what days and at what times are my children going to be in virtual class?

    The District and UTLA have yet to finalize their agreement on school schedules, once this has been done we will post Revere’s class schedule on our website.  

    Will each class be meeting every day? Or will it be split? (It was much easier last spring when classes were split and not all classes were on same day.) Will the virtual classes be longer? Also, it would be nice if material list was made available prior to school starting. Thank you!

    We will make a request for teachers to post their class list of supplies once schedules are finalized, this should be happening on or about August 17th. The District and UTLA have yet to finalize their agreement on school schedules, once this has been done we will post Revere’s class schedule on our website.

    My son is in 8th grade - Will all classes take place online? last year my daughter was in 8th grade and there were very few online classes. i am hoping this has been improved. Many thanks.

    When do kids get their schedules?

    We have been working with our staff all summer to improve their ability to work on line with their students, I hope you see the fruits of that work.

    Is the textbook and iPad event this and next the same as the previously scheduled registration day?

    No this is a new schedule

    When can we expect their schedule/zoom schedule?

    The District and UTLA have yet to finalize their agreement on school schedules, once this has been done we will post Revere’s class schedule on our website. But you can go to the UTLA website for an example of what they have been working on. 

    When will teacher/class schedules be provided to each student? Also, we have heard that actual instruction won't begin until August 20th. What can we expect on August 18th and 19th? Thank you for everything you are doing to help manage this change - I know it can't be easy!! :)

    As with you I have been told many different variations of what those days will look like, until the District and UTLA reach a final agreement I do not have an answer to your question about the 18th& 19th

    How many hours a day of live instruction will every teacher provide?

    The state has mandated a minimum of 240 minutes per day of some type of instruction.

    Are they having more zoom meeting with the kids? Last year I understand was a learning curve for both but my son had two teacher that never had meeting with them.3 that see them maybe ones at weeks or some time ones every two weeks. And only one that had meeting with them twice at week. He was the only one constantly communicating with them and with us so we need exactly his expectation.

    We have been working with our staff all summer to improve their ability to work on line with their students, I hope you see the fruits of that work.  

    Can the teachers assign projects for small groups in their class so that kids can collaborate with others? If completing projects virtually doesn’t work, perhaps have have kids assigned to small teams to do homework together. This could be rotated in weekly/monthly basis so kids get to have some interaction with other class mates, virtually.

    This is a great suggestion that you can relate to your child’s teacher once you get their schedule. I will share it with our staff at our first meeting.

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