Revere students are expected to arrive and depart school using one of these choices:

  • METRO LINE 602
    Many students take the Metro bus to and from school.
    THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS NOT ACCURATE FOR THE 20-21 SCHOOL YEAR: After school, Revere has four Metro buses, three of which go to Pacific Palisades, and the fourth goes toward downtown Los Angeles.  All buses arrive at Revere empty in the afternoon.  To find out at what point in the routes the buses become public and start picking up passengers, please contact the bus line directly at https://www.metro.net/about/contact/ 

    Student K-12 Fares:  1-way $1, 30-Day $24
    Apply Online:  

    Download and Print Application (processing takes 6-8 weeks) 

    How to Buy and Reload a TAP Card (a reusable card to be used for bus transit fares):  https://www.taptogo.net/TAPPurchase
    Metro Line 602 to/from Pacific Palisades In the morning Metro drops off at the stop on Sunset/Allenford.  Upon exiting the bus, students walk down Allenford to Revere.  In the afternoon the bus will stop at all stops requested along Sunset Blvd. until turning left at Temescal Cyn., and continuing to the next stop at PCH and Sunset at which point the route heads back through the Palisades via Sunset Blvd.  Click here for the Route/Schedule.

    Morning Departures from Pacific Palisades to Revere via Sunset Blvd.  Morning departures at Sunset and PCH begin at 7:51am with stops along Sunset Blvd. at all bus stops with passengers waiting.  Arrival time at Sunset and Allenford is approximately 8:05am.  Upon exiting the bus students will walk along Allenford to Revere.  Route and schedule can be found at https://www.metro.net/riding/schedules/602-13139/
    Afternoon Departure from Sunset and Allenford to Pacific Palisades is at 3:08pm.

    Metro Line 602 to Westwood/Downtown LA terminates in Westwood at Wilshire Bl. & Veteran Ave. providing connections for outer Sunset Bl. patrons to Metro Lines 20, 720, 788 and other transit providers on Wilshire Bl.  Click here for the Route/Schedule.

    TEMPORARY SCHEDULE FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR AS OF 4/26/21: Morning departure from the Veteran Federal Building to Revere via Sunset Blvd. is at 7:47am.   Approximate arrival time at Sunset and Allenford is 8:16am. Upon exiting the bus students will walk from Allenford to Revere.  Route and schedule can be found at https://www.metro.net/riding/schedules/602-13139/
    Afternoon Departure  from Sunset and Allenford to Westwood is at 2:52pm.  

    line 602 route

    Passengers transferring from Line 602 to Lines 2/302 will exit at Le Conte Ave. and Gayley Ave. and walk to the waiting bus at eastbound Le Conte Ave. & Broxton Ave.  Passengers transferring from Lines 2/302 to Line 602 will exit at Le Conte Ave. and Gayley Ave. and cross the street to the bus stop at westbound Le Conte Ave. at Gayley Ave.  

    Please refer to new timetables for schedule and route adjustments.  For more information, please visit www.metro.net or contact Metro Customer Relations at 323-.GO.METRO.


    Contacts:  Metro - (213)922-6235
  • bus logo The PARENT-SPONSORED BUS PROGRAM provides school buses exclusively for students.  We have up to nine buses serving the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Valley, Holmby Hills, Venice, Westwood, West Hollywood, West LA and Baldwin Hills communities.  A morning pickup and several options of afternoon return trips are planned to most communities.  For more information go to:  http://paulreverems.com/buses  Questions?: Buses@PaulRevereMS.comBUS


  • Light Rail Take the EXPO LIGHT RAIL to Bergamot Station Expo Station, 26th Street and San Vicente Blvd., where you can get on the Big Blue Bus Route 43 with select trips to 26th/San Vicente.  Metro Maps and Timetables    Metro Trip Planner


    (Magnet/PWT Students Only)

    Transportation is not provided by Revere or LAUSD to any student accepted through the Charter. The only programs that offer District bus transportation are Magnet and Permits with Transportation (PWT).  These programs require an application through the LAUSD. 

    Revere's Area Bus Supervisor:  Mr. Freddie Baker, 310-826-4393
    District Transportation Office: 800-LABUSES

    Permission to ride on the LAUSD yellow school bus is granted to students who have been accepted through LAUSD's Office of Integration into one of two programs:  Magnet or Permits With Transportation (PWT).  Unfortunately, the Space Available and PSC (Public School Choice) programs are no longer available.  

    PWT is a Court-Ordered voluntary integration program available to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who live within a PWT sending school area. Parents may call (213) 241-6572 to verify if the applicant lives in a PWT sending school area.  Applications for PWT are due in October for the following year.  Click here for more information.

    Please note that no late buses are provided on Professional Development (PD) Days.

    PWT is administered by Student Integration Services. 
    Click here for more information:  http://echoices.lausd.net/PWT/PWTHome.aspx 

    Please contact the office at its toll-free number 877- 4MAG/PWT, 877- 462-4798, or 213- 241-4177, or 213-241-6572. PWT is for Charter Students who meet the criteria established by the program. The application opens in October for the following school year.