• Revere students are expected to arrive and depart school

    using one of these choices:


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    Big Blue Bus Route 43 runs from Bergamot Station in Santa Monica along 26th St. and Allenford Ave. with service to the doorstep of Revere Middle School. Look for the bus with the headsign showing "Paul Revere MS" on the front and sides of the bus. 

    Big Blue Bus Route 43 (click here for the map):

    • Departs Bergamot Expo Station in Santa Monica at 7:20am
    • Departs Paul Revere at 2:14pm, 2:47pm and 3:15pm

Parent-Sponsored Yellow School Buses

  • School Bus Image The parent-sponsored yellow school buses are exclusively for students.  We currently have three buses serving the Pacific Palisades and Holmby Hills communities.    Seven buses will provide transportation for the 2017-2018 school year.  A morning pickup and two afternoon return trips are planned to each community.  For more information go to:  Questions?:


Expo Light Rail

  • Light Rail Take the Expo Light Rail to Bergamot Station Expo Station, 26th Street and San Vicente Blvd., where you can get on the Big Blue Bus Route 43 with select trips to Paul Revere MS.  Click on the links below for more information.

    Metro Maps and Timetables

    Metro Trip Planner

Big Blue Bus

  • We have a Big Blue Bus stop right on campus in the Horseshoe Driveway. Now that’s convenient!

    The Big Blue Bus 30-Day Youth Pass is just $19! Parents and students can purchase youth passes at Blue: The Transit Store’s pop-up location or load them onto a K-12 Student TAP card on  

    Learn more about the benefits of the Student TAP card.


    Please contact Big Blue Bus

    • Online:Visit BBB’s Blue to School webpage or submit a ticket using City of Santa Monica’s GO System to receive a response via email. 
    • By Phone:Call BBB Customer Serviceat 310-451-5444 Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm or Saturdays from 12pm-6pm.
    • In Person:.Visit BBB’s Transit Store on 1334 5th St. in Downtown Santa MonicaMonday-Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm.
  • Big Blue Bus Route 14 runs from Playa Vista via Centinela/Bundy/San Vicente, with service to the doorstep of Revere Middle School. Look for the bus with the headsign showing "Paul Revere MS" on the front and sides of the bus. 

    Starting August 20, 2017 Big Blue Bus Route 14 (click here for the map):

    • Northbound trips depart at:
      • 6:34am and 6:49am from Playa Vista to Paul Revere Middle School, arriving at 7:26am and 7:41am.
        • Artisans & Centinela departs 6:34am and 6:49am
        • Centinela & Venice departs 6:46am and 7:01am
        • Bundy & Pico departs 6:57am and 7:12am
        • Bundy & Olympic departs 6:59am and 7:14am
      • There is a 6:59am departure from Playa Vista arriving at 8:01am arrival for students who missed the 7:41AM arrival. Note that this trip is intended as a ‘sweep’ for students who miss the first two buses!
    • Gorham & San Vicente departs 7:10am and 7:25amSouthbound trips in the afternoon leave at 2:15pm, 2:49pm, 3:18pm, and 3:50pm, with special trips leaving at 12:40pm and 12:45pm on minimum days only during the fall and winter.
      • Mon./Wed./Fri. Southbound trips from Paul Revere Middle depart at 3:18pm and 3:50pm.
        • Bringham and Gorham arrives 3:36pm and 4:06pm
        • Bundy & Olympic arrives 3:54pm and 4:22pm
        • Bundy & Pico arrives 3:59pm and 4:26pm
        • Centinela & Venice arrives 4:16pm and 4:42pm
        • Artisans & Centinela arrives 4:34pm and 4:59pm
      • Tues./Thurs Southbound trips from Paul Revere Middle depart at 2:11pm and 2:49pm.
        • Gorham & San Vicente arrives 2:26pm and 3:07pm
        • Bundy & Olympic arrives 2:43pm and 3:25pm
        • Bundy & Pico arrives 2:47pm and 3:30pm
        • Centinela & Venice arrives 3:02pm and 3:47pm
        • Artisans & Centinela arrives 3:18pm and 4:05pm

Metro Bus

  • MTA Line 2 serves Sunset Boulevard, including Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood and Downtown Los Angeles.  MTA bus stops for Revere are at Sunset & Allenford for drop off in the morning.  In the afternoon the buses are boarded directly in front of school on Allenford. 
    Many students take the MTA bus to and from school.  After school, Revere has four MTA buses, three of which go to Pacific Palisades, and the fourth goes toward downtown Los Angeles.  All buses arrive at Revere empty.  To find our at what point in the routes the buses become public and start picking up passengers, please contact the bus line directly at

    The following are the stops in the direction of Pacific Palisades per Metro:  Overload trippers operated westbound on Line 2 begin at Allenford/Brinkley, make a left on Sunset Bl, left on Temescal Canyon Rd, right on Pacific Coast Hwy, right on Sunset Bl to Temescal Canyon Rd.  Stops on Sunset are at Capri, Napoli, Minorca, Amalfi, Evans Rd, Will Rogers St. Park, Brooktree, Chautauqua, Drummond, Carey, Monument, Swarthmore, Via De La Paz, on Temescal at Sunset, Bowdoin, Pacific Coast Hwy,  on 16321 PCH, Bel Air Bay Club, Sunset at Pacific Coast Hwy, Paseo Miramar, Palisades, and Marquez Pl. 

    For Metro fares and TAP card information go to:

    Contacts:  Metro - (213)922-6235

  • NextBus- Official NextBus App For Transit Agencies by NextBus, Inc.          NextBus

LAUSD School Bus Transportation (Magnet/PWT Students Only)

  • Revere's Area Bus Supervisor:  Mr. Freddie Baker, 310-826-4393

    District Transportation Office, 800-LABUSES

    Permission to ride on the LAUSD yellow school bus is granted to students who have been accepted through LAUSD's Office of Integration into one of two programs:  Magnet or Permits With Transportation (PWT).  Unfortunately, the Space Available and PSC (Public School Choice) programs are no longer available.  

    PWT is a Court-Ordered voluntary integration program available to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who live within a PWT sending school area. Parents may call (213) 241-6572 to verify if the applicant lives in a PWT sending school area.  Applications for PWT are due in October for the following year.  Click here for more information.

    Please note that no late buses are provided on Professional Development (PD) Days.

    PWT is administered by Student Integration Services.  Click here for more information:  Please contact the office at its toll-free number 877- 4MAG/PWT, 877- 462-4798, or 213- 241-4177, or 213-241-6572. PWT is for Charter Students who meet the criteria established by the program. The application opens in October for the following school year.

Student Transportation Stats

  • May 2017 Student Survey Results:

    Morning to school: 
    -36% Ride in a single-family car with no other students
    -23% Carpool
    -14% Ride on a LAUSD Magnet School Bus
    -  5% Ride on a LAUSD PWT School Bus
    -  8% Ride on a Parent-Sponsored Bus
    -  4% Ride on a Metro Bus
    -  6% Ride on a Big Blue Bus
    -  1% Ride on the Metro Rail/Bus
    -  2% Walk
    -  1% Rides a Bike
    Afternoon to home: 
    -26% Ride in a single-family car with no other students
    -18% Carpool
    -14% Ride on a LAUSD Magnet School Bus
    -  5% Ride on a LAUSD PWT School Bus
    -  8% Ride on a Parent-Sponsored Bus
    - 14% Ride on a Metro Bus
    -  9% Ride on a Big Blue Bus
    -  1% Ride on the Metro Rail/Bus
    -  4% Walk
    -  1% Rides a Bike

    October 2016 Student Survey Results

    1.  How do you get to school in the morning and home on a typical day?

    • 43%do not carpool and ride in a single family car in the morning / 603 students (35%) do not carpool home after school
    • 29% carpool with other students in the morning / 393 students (23%) carpool home after school
    • 15% ride on a LAUSD Magnet Bus
    • 5% ride on a LAUSD PWT Bus
    • 9% ride on a parent-sponsored Tumbleweed Bus
    • 3% ride on the Metro Bus in the morning / 288 students (17%) ride the Metro home after school
    • 3% ride on the BBB Bus in  the morning / 127 students (7%) ride the BBB home after school
    • 2% walk 
    • 0% ride a bike 


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