• Requesting Transcripts & Letters of Recommendation

    If you anticipate applying to a public or private school next year and are in need of transcripts and/or letters of recommendations from teachers, please adhere to the following:

    All transcripts requests are made to the Counseling Office. When requesting transcripts you are required to present the following:

    1. “Release of Records” or “Transcript Request Form” provided by each school you are applying to, signed by parent/guardian

    2. One pre-addressed stamped envelope for EACH school you are applying to

    3. $5 for each transcript request

    Note: Transcripts will be mailed to the requested school(s) at the end of the Fall AND Spring semester.

    Letters of recommendation take time for teachers and administrators to fill out. Please keep in mind that school staff members may be filling out recommendation letters for multiple students.

    Listed below are some BEST PRACTICES for requesting letters of recommendation:

    1. Students should hand deliver recommendation letter requests to teachers and administrators to personally ask them to fill them out.

    2. If leaving recommendation letter requests in the Main Office staff mailboxes, please leave a note and/or send an email to the staff member from the student or parent.

    3. Provide the staff member at least two weeks to complete the recommendation(s), especially if requesting more than one from a staff member. Recommendations given to staff less than two weeks before the due date may not be completed on time.

    4. Provide a pre-addressed stamped envelope for EACH school you are applying to

    For a complete copy of your student's records, the fee $10 (cash only)