Thanksgiving Message

Posted by Tom Iannucci on 11/20/2015

As we take a week to recharge our batteries during this Thanksgiving break, I would like to share with all our families and staff what I am thankful for one month into being Principal at Paul Revere.

I am thankful for a talented, hardworking, tremendous group of professionals who support your children every day. I am thankful for those parents who on a daily basis volunteer their energies to make sure Paul Revere maintains the type of programs which separate us from the other middle schools on the West Side. I am thankful that our students are loved and supported by such great families and staff, allowing them to learn and grow over the three years they attend Revere. Finally, I am thankful that the parents, faculty and staff allow me to work at such a wonderful school, Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Tom Iannucci


Paul Revere Charter Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District