Auction Message

Posted by Tom Iannucci on 12/7/2015

Good-Day Paul Revere Families and Staff:

I would like to thank all our families and staff who attended Saturday nights annual Paul Revere Auction and Fundraiser. Events like this remind me why I love working at this school, and why our students and staff are so well cared for and supported. More than the money raised, which Revere is very grateful for, the event creates a sense of community, and it makes our large campus seem that much smaller.

I would like to personally thank Nancy Silver and Keri Kraft, Chairs of the Silent Auction, Marti Ornest and Amy Goldreyer, Auction Party Chairs, Cindy Sison who produced the video for the farm, Matthew Rodman, Raise the Paddle and Mary Wlodek, Pride President. To each and every one of you a most heartfelt thank you and a job well done, Revere is that much better because of your presence on our campus.


Tom Iannucci


Paul Revere Charter Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District