Our Community

Posted by Lori Vogel on 1/26/2016

I recently had the opportunity to meet with members of the local community who live across from Revere in the old “Polo Fields” which include the streets of Pontoon and Brinkley. It was a very gratifying opportunity for me to interact with members of the Paul Revere community. It was a chance for them to express to me some of the challenges they face living across the street from a middle school of 2100 students.

There were many issues raised by the community members, the most pressing of which was the continued disregard by some of our parents and family members for student safety, private property, and the traffic rules. Again and again members of the “Polo Field” community told me of cars that block their driveway on a daily basis, cars that double park on the outlying streets causing traffic congestion and the rude and sometime intimidating behavior of some Revere parents.

I have made it one of my missions as principal at Revere to improve communication and relations with our neighbors. After all we are a member of this community and must respect and support it. I have offered Revere as a meeting spot for the local community council, I have shared with our neighbors changes Revere will be making in the future to reduce traffic and enforce proper behavior from our students and families. I know you agree with me when I say that Revere families and students must be good members of the local community and respect all private property and follow all traffic laws.

Thank you,


Tom Iannucci


Paul Revere Charter Middle School