Riding the Big Blue Bus!!

Posted by Tom Iannucci on 2/29/2016

This week I have the pleasure of riding the new Big Blue Bus which delivers students to Paul Revere Charter Middle School. Our new bus is a special version of route #14 which starts in Fox Hills and runs up Cantilena/Bundy delivering its passengers onto the Paul Revere campus. I picked the bus up on the corner of Olympic and Bundy at 7:00am and arrived on campus at 7:25. I enjoyed the stress free ride, not having to fight traffic, reading the morning news on my iphone.

Our students on the #14 listened to music, played games on their phones or just sat quietly. This service is part of Revere’s larger mission to reduce traffic and improve student safety in our surrounding neighborhood. By taking cars off the road and promoting alternative types of commuting Revere hopes to change the culture of our commuting families. Allow your children to experience independence by riding the bus to school, teach them that the future of our city is better served if we all get out of our cars and use the variety of public transportation available.

So from here on out (February 26, 2016) I will be making every Friday (weather permitting) Big Blue Bus Friday, come join me on the #14 as I commute to work, taking one more car off of Allenford and reducing my carbon foot print on this planet. See you on the Big Blue Bus!!